Portfolio Category: Graphic Design

Memory Master

Memory Master is a new South-Australian online business, specialising in delivering high-quality computer components to local Australian buyers at great prices, and in great time. Created in mid to late 2019, Memory Master aimed to fill a gap in this market providing expert knowledge along with a wide range of product choices, and the ability… Read more »

Bits For Design

Bits For Design is a new project to provide a source of (web) design inspiration to the masses – and potentially kick-start projects with sample files and templates. The idea is to highlight some great designs that are coming out from designers and developers around the world, and not only promote their work, but allow… Read more »

WordPresto: WordPress Management Services

WordPresto is a new Sydney, Australia-based WordPress management startup, offering management services to clients of all sizes with WordPress sites. The concept is simple – take the hassle out of managing a WordPress site, and allow the user to focus on what’s important to them: the content itself, and their business. WordPresto takes the hassle out of… Read more »

Broadway Sessions

Broadway Sessions is a new live performance opportunity for artists in Adelaide, South Australia, created to help foster talent and provide a regular space for artists to perfect their craft. More specifically, Broadway Sessions aims to be an inclusive and easily accessible opportunity for performers, of all backgrounds and ages, to sing something out of… Read more »

[title of show]

Irregular Productions, an Adelaide-based musical theatre production company, needed a modern website to showcase their latest production of [title of show]. [title of show] is to be presented in the Adelaide Fringe Festival during February 2015. As [title of show] isn’t a standard Broadway musical, and it aims to break the mould of the countless… Read more »

Cain & Markus

Cain & Markus, Adelaide-based interior designers, fashion gurus and style icons, needed a fresh new look for their personal place on the web. While they didn’t want to start from scratch due to the amount of time and energy they had already invested into their site, they wanted a face-lift. Cain & Markus engaged Scott… Read more »

Company Musical

Six Foot Something Productions, an Adelaide musical theatre production company, commissioned Scott Reynolds to build a site for their upcoming 2014 production of Company. This site was required to be responsive and to work on devices of all sizes, and had to carry a very strong design from the initial poster design which was to… Read more »

Concert Series Program 2013

St Peter’s College in Adelaide, South Australia, required a series of concert program covers designed that could be printed and assembled for audiences during 2013. While the organisation had strict style requirements in terms of logo use and branding, the use of other design elements and overall style was open to expression and creativity. Some… Read more »

Marie Clark Musical Theatre

Marie Clark Musical Theatre is an amateur theatre company based in Adelaide, Australia, that was in need of a major facelift in order to convey their progressive approach to musical theatre, and willingness to take on major projects. This not-for-profit organisation is funded by ticket sales to their performances, donations, and small company membership fees… Read more »