Company Musical

Six Foot Something Productions, an Adelaide musical theatre production company, commissioned Scott Reynolds to build a site for their upcoming 2014 production of Company. This site was required to be responsive and to work on devices of all sizes, and had to carry a very strong design from the initial poster design which was to be used in the majority of marketing materials. Colours and strong lines were key, and the site makes use of both CSS3 and HTML5 to add some additional flair through subtle animations and embellishments.

The main Six Foot Something Productions site will continue from the Company site, and act as the main parent site. Design again is to be similar to ensure that consistency of appearance is maintained no matter where a visitor is within the ecosystems of sites. Six Foot Something Productions is breaking new ground with their musical productions, and their site had to ensure that this same high standard and consistency was demonstrated to visitors from the very first view.

View this project live: