You dug deep enough to find a listing of all the random ramblings? Congratulations is in order, that’s for sure. Here’s a list of all the things published on multiple topics – everything from general web design and web development talk, some tips I’ve stored away for my own reference, or design and tech-related items I felt it was necessary to put words on a screen for. It’s one long page, but it’s not littered with junk so hopefully navigation shouldn’t be too hard around these parts. A small disclaimer too: these are purely my own opinions, and should not, necessarily, be taken as “best advice”. Inspiration, sure, but this isn’t Wikipedia.

So you’ve got a brand new website… now what?

First, probably, breathe a sigh of relief. Building a website can be a lengthy process, especially if you need to get it looking perfect. That’s not to say it’s not pleasant and fun, but it can certainly seem like a long haul from day one to launch. But now your shiny new site is live,... Read more »

Who Said Maths Was Useless?

Maths isn’t something that is overly used in everyday web development tasks. Apart from perhaps calculating a width, height or position, there’s really not a whole lot more to it. Certainly no complex calculus or equations come into the mix, but there are a few things that you come across once in a while that... Read more »

The Never-Ending Website Development Cycle

Projects seem to come and go like days and nights (that is, at least for me, quicker than anything), but work on my own portfolio page seems to drag on forever. Without a definite deadline, it’s always a matter of “maybe just one more thing”; “let’s just try this (and rework the whole thing from... Read more »

Greg Hart Goes Live!

After a very short development period of only two weeks, followed by an additional week of feedback and tweaking, the new Greg Hart Entertainment website has gone live. This was the first major launch for February 2014, and was a very successful project for both developer and client alike. Making use of a completely AJAX-loaded... Read more »