Bits For Design

Bits For Design is a new project to provide a source of (web) design inspiration to the masses – and potentially kick-start projects with sample files and templates. The idea is to highlight some great designs that are coming out from designers and developers around the world, and not only promote their work, but allow others to use it as both a base for their project, or simply an inspiration to create something new and different. It is a hand-selected array of creative elements – from WordPress themes and plugins, to Keynote presentation designs and other graphic elements. Some of the largest WordPress theme (and other creative) marketplaces are now so large, that finding something nice is actually a real challenge. Bits For Design aims to simplify that process, and provide a broader cross-section of the design styles and trends.

While most clients of Scott Reynolds need completely custom-built solutions, many others do not – and simply need some help to get started on their next project. Whether it’s a paper brochure, a new logo, or a fully featured website, design inspiration is crucial for perfecting whatever project a designer/developer is working on. At times it can be hard to find good quality inspiration, and with the huge amount of resources available, potentially overwhelming. By combining with other designers and developers, Bits For Design provides a platform to highlight the best of the best (subjective, sure).

The site itself is built on WordPress and is based on a sample theme – as a proof of concept. Over time the site will be redeveloped to allow for multiple authors to contribute and more content to be displayed in an easy-to-navigate fashion.

If you’re looking for some design inspiration, or even a complete theme, maybe take a look at Bits For Design!

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