WordPresto: WordPress Management Services

WordPresto is a new Sydney, Australia-based WordPress management startup, offering management services to clients of all sizes with WordPress sites. The concept is simple – take the hassle out of managing a WordPress site, and allow the user to focus on what’s important to them: the content itself, and their business. WordPresto takes the hassle out of keeping a site up-to-date, by managing your site personally and professionally. They aren’t interested in changing your content, or writing content for you, just making sure the site is regularly backed up, checked for malware, and kept as updated as possible.

WordPresto needed a simple yet effective site to communicate their message – one that often falls on deaf ears to many WordPress site owners – but at the same time, the site had to be advanced enough to manage ongoing subscription payments (and integration with their payment processor, Stripe). Scott Reynolds was engaged to design and build a new web presence for the venture, and utilised the features of both WordPress and WooCommerce to achieve the required outcome. The site is fully responsive, usable on any device, and makes it simple for even the most beginner WordPress user to get help managing their site.

If you, or someone you know, uses WordPress but doesn’t want to worry about keeping it updated (plugin, theme or WordPress-core), let them know about WordPresto today – or just jump across and check them out yourself!

View this project live: wordpresto.com