Memory Master

Memory Master is a new South-Australian online business, specialising in delivering high-quality computer components to local Australian buyers at great prices, and in great time. Created in mid to late 2019, Memory Master aimed to fill a gap in this market providing expert knowledge along with a wide range of product choices, and the ability to find and purchase what you need, when you need it. Unlike many other suppliers, the shipping cost of the items for sale are all fixed, meaning that there are no surprises at the checkout stage – which can often lead to an increased cart abandonment rate.

Originally built on the BigCommerce platform, Memory Master recently migrated to Shopify after finding significantly increased performance for both administration and end-users. In addition, the Shopify platform allowed for better customisation of the site design and functions, and provided better integration with leading payment gateways and providers. This project required significant custom back-end design and development, including the creation of a built-from-scratch inventory management system, which needed to pull live inventory, pricing and product data from at least one major wholesale supplier (if not more). Utilising a number of different systems, Scott Reynolds integrated these platforms and provided a way for staff to manage the products visible, inventory levels, and process orders without needing to have multiple windows and multiple interfaces running.

While this is a rare development project, as it wasn’t built using the WordPress content management system as a back-end, it was a great challenge in bringing together knowledge from many fields including SEO, SEM and API integration to deliver a product that enabled Memory Master to launch and grow successfully. Since launch, Memory Master has delivered hundreds of orders, and has, by all reports, been able to go above and beyond what competitors are able to do in this industry. They have recently branched out from specialising in just memory and storage solutions, and now carry a full range of computer components, including USB accessories, professional networking hardware and computer graphics cards.

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