Cain & Markus

Cain & Markus, Adelaide-based interior designers, fashion gurus and style icons, needed a fresh new look for their personal place on the web. While they didn’t want to start from scratch due to the amount of time and energy they had already invested into their site, they wanted a face-lift. Cain & Markus engaged Scott Reynolds to help them achieve this task – one that went from a minor rebrand to a major visual and functional overhaul.

Built on the WordPress platform, Cain & Markus’ site is easily updatable from any location with an internet browser. Even more importantly, however, the site had to be closely integrated with numerous social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to ensure that any new content on the site was widely (and automatically) publicised. The integration with Instagram meant that Cain & Markus could keep the site looking fresh by simply completing their everyday routine outside of the site itself – with changes automatically synced and displayed on the homepage.

The redevelopment of the site also included a portrait photoshoot, and Scott helped Cain & Markus achieve their desired look without the hassle of engaging another photographer as part of the development cycle. With the fresh look and feel, Cain & Markus have been able to utilise their new branding across social networks and marketing communications to their larger audience, and ensure that all contacts have a consistent appearance.

As with most projects, the new Cain & Markus presence continues to develop and grow even after launch, and new exciting features will be added through further collaboration with Scott Reynolds in the very near future. Keep an eye out for these!

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