[title of show]

Irregular Productions, an Adelaide-based musical theatre production company, needed a modern website to showcase their latest production of [title of show]. [title of show] is to be presented in the Adelaide Fringe Festival during February 2015. As [title of show] isn’t a standard Broadway musical, and it aims to break the mould of the countless shows that came before it, Irregular Productions similarly wanted a fresh face for their production marketing materials and website. Scott Reynolds was asked to design and develop a new web solution for Irregular Productions, and this started with a completely blank canvas. Due to the fact that the performance was a future event, and no high-resolution imagery was available, some new design ideas had to be developed to ensure the site remained engaging and dynamic without the use of production photos.

Because of the nature of theatre productions, integration with social media was crucial, and Scott Reynolds assisted in the planning and deployment of both Facebook and Twitter presences. These were linked to the site to enable updates to be dynamically transferred, and optimisation to ensure that sharing between sites appeared as visually as possible was completed.

Once again based on the WordPress platform, this site is very easily updatable and will enable Irregular Productions to add further content and media without having to call on a web developer. As with all Scott Reynolds developments, it is fully responsive and adapts to the size of the device used to view the website. Using CSS3 animations, HTML5 and extensive SVG-based drawing the site is clean, modern, and a thoroughly visual experience thanks to the use of colour and shapes. The site had to always ensure that visitors could find the information they were after in an accessible way, but at the same time attempting to use some modern technologies to enhance the visit.

View this project live: titleofshow2015.com