Unambitious Us

Unambitious Us is an online magazine for time wasters, by time wasters. This site relies on ultra-dynamic content, with the idea that a visitor should never see the same content in the same location twice. Without the ability to update the site on the fly, the interactivity dies, and the viewer disappears. Utilising the WordPress platform as a backend, this site can be updated by any of the contributors (with appropriate access permissions) by simply using a web browser, either on a computer or mobile device.

Rather than a traditional HTML-only website, it’s possible to add a new piece of content – such as a review or podcast episode – and this gets populated into the appropriate category, with all listings updated automatically. Being database-driven, this type of site makes great use of the cloud computing model and sees accelerated content delivery as a result.

Unambitious Us is now seeing traffic of many hundred unique visitors every day, reaching a huge range of demographic and geographic audiences.

View this project live: unambitiousus.com