Six Foot Something Productions

Six Foot Something Productions, an Adelaide-based musical theatre production company, asked Scott Reynolds to continue from their very successful Company site and build a new face and presence. This site was again required to be responsive and to work on devices of all sizes, and had to be consistent with the previously built site to ensure that visitors to both sites were clear that they belonged to the same organisation. Strong lines were key, and featuring as much high-quality imagery as possible was a major factor driving the design choices of the final site. The site makes use of both CSS3 and HTML5 to add some additional flair through subtle animations and embellishments – and to provide a few hidden features for those visitors willing to explore a little.

Unlike the Company Musical site, the main Six Foot Something site had to ensure that visitors could easily find information about past productions. This required Scott Reynolds to create a custom-designed interface for both managing and displaying this content in a consistent, yet visually appealing way. Featuring small sections of promotional imagery helps to create a sense of intrigue, and encourages visitors to click, explore, and enjoy what the company has to offer.

This parent site forms part of the now growing Six Foot Something Productions WordPress multi-site collection. This structural choice allows Six Foot Something to easily access all content in one location, but also create access groups for production staff working on one site but not the other. Six Foot Something Productions is continuing to break new ground with their musical productions, and this site had to ensure that the same high standard and consistency was demonstrated to visitors from the very first view – regardless of whether the visitor was an audience member, an investor, or potential cast member.

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