Greg Hart Entertainment

Greg Hart required an updated website to help promote his growing line of premium tribute shows. His existing website, while functional, was not making use of available technologies and was making his brand and image seem very dated. Greg and his team required a site that they could update independently, and ensure that content was kept fresh and dynamic for the fans of the shows.

WordPress was chosen as the development platform to accommodate these requirements, and a design was developed that encompassed Greg’s hopes for the site in terms of both look and feel, and functionality. The previous site made use of an outdated Google Calendar to provide fans with a view of upcoming shows, however this method took considerable time to keep updated, and the display was not user-friendly. This was redeveloped to feature a dynamic filtering system, colour-coding of key events, and the ability to showcase upcoming events in multiple places around the site (not just on the Gig Calendar).

The site is built on an AJAX framework, meaning that content is loaded dynamically into the pages without requiring a reload between different sections. The same layout can be reused multiple times, and the experience is incredibly smooth for the end-user. URLs are updated automatically to ensure that the site is accessible and ready for SEO, and the site adjusts responsively to the visitor’s device – regardless of size, platform or make.

Further to all design and development changes to the site, the site was optimised for search engines and now features showing upcoming event results within regular search results. This has helped Greg to boost the profile of his performances, and will allow considerable growth into the future as the site is updated and content increased.

View this project live: