Astro Gold

Esoteric Technologies, a South Australian managed company that produces world-leading software for astrologers, required a new website for their mobile astrology app, Astro Gold. This app had been available on the market for some time, however the current site did not allow Esoteric to showcase the features and display high-quality imagery of the redesigned interface. It also had to be future-proof, and have support for adding additional products, pages and content easily in the future without needing a web developer.

The site was built on the WordPress platform, and is now easily updated using just a web browser from anywhere in the world. The site, designed and developed by Scott Reynolds, features a responsive design, and this ensures that regardless of the device used to view the site, it always looks in top shape. The site was designed with a level of design inspiration provided, and a final design was workshopped from this point to better encompass the brand and the ability to showcase the app in the most prominent way possible.

In addition to redesigning the site, Esoteric required an easy way to improve their support section and to enable them to utilise video content both in promoting the product, and also providing support. Astro Gold now has a simple, but effective new look to take it higher and higher within the astrology community – professional and amateur alike.