G&S SA, or the Gilbert & Sullivan Society of South Australia, is an Adelaide-based theatre production company focussing almost exclusively on shows by Gilbert and Sullivan. While they do, sometimes, expand their cannon to include more modern (and varied) works, they are best known for their G&S-specific work. G&S SA produces a number of shows each year, and has a strong supporter base from all around Adelaide. They perform at a range of venues – most commonly the Arts Theatre in the centre of the Adelaide CBD.

G&S SA often works in collaboration with other arts organisations in South Australia, and has toured a number of successful productions around the state and country. Their shows are always of the highest standard, are well supported by their fan base, and definitely worth a visit if you happen to be in Adelaide for one of their shows. Jump across to their website to find out what they’re working on at the moment, but make sure you get along to see what they’re up to in person as the photos just don’t do it justice!

Visit G&S SA: gandssa.com.au