Adapt4Life is an Adelaide-based personal training firm, specialising in rehabilitation training. Operating out of two locations, this business has grown considerably since it was first started in 2014 by Adelaide owner Irene O’Daly. Adapt4Life aims to make fitness both fun and effective, while hoping to inspire clients to achieve their best, overcome hurdles preventing progress, and ensuring that clients can reach their desired fitness goals. Unlike larger organisations, Adapt4Life prides itself on being personal yet professional, and providing training programs that are designed to meet a client’s individual needs.

Irene at Adapt4Life is highly trained, and well respected in the personal training industry. She has a range of options available for clients with all kinds of personal training needs, and is flexible and accommodating in meeting these particular requirements. If you are looking for a way to get inspired about fitness, and to push yourself further than you’ve managed to go before, get in touch with Irene and Adapt4Life today!

Scott Reynolds has worked extensively with Adapt4Life to provide web design and web development services, ongoing training and support, and hosting for both website and email for the Adapt4Life business.

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