WordPress Management Services

Scott Reynolds has begun providing premium, yet personal, WordPress management solutions and services to clients of all sizes. Most clients want the ability to edit their own website content, add photos and products, and respond to customer enquiries – all without having to get a web developer involved… but none of them want to log in regularly to check for WordPress updates, update third-party plugins or themes to ensure that their site stays up, online and available at all times. While some of these issues come down to individual hosts, many of them can be avoided by having someone look after your WordPress site from a security and administration perspective. Scott Reynolds aims to do just that.

With a range of different plans, Scott Reynolds can provide the level of WordPress management you need, without breaking the bank. Features vary between the management options, but a summary is included below. It’s important to note that while many security issues can be avoided, not all can when a site is hosted on a non-secure or non-private server. The advantage to having regular backups and constant attention, however, is that should something go wrong (and with enough time, it probably will), the issue can be resolved quickly and effortlessly.

While there are a range of pre-set and easy to establish plans available (which should meet the needs of most clients), there will always be something different that is required – and this is absolutely OK. Rather than jumping in, just get in touch with Scott Reynolds to customise a management plan that suits you and your site. Whether that’s the need for more attention, shorter backup periods, increased monthly development (or restoration time), or you’re just looking for a better deal to manage 100 sites, get in touch today.

Of all Content Management Systems (CMS) used, WordPress currently takes the cake as the most popular back-end management system. Approximately 27% of the entire web uses WordPress to power their sites, and just over 30% of all CMS usage is WordPress too. While this means that there is a huge amount of input from a large (and active) developer community, it also makes WordPress a prime target for attacks and exploits, as finding a security hole in a core WordPress file or commonly used plugin could potentially open up a large portion of the web to an attacker. Staying on top of this is key – and being prepared to respond to an attack is priceless. The benefits of using WordPress as a CMS far outweigh the costs associated with it, especially if you engage Scott Reynolds to provide fully-supported WordPress management services for your site.

Starting at just $15 (AUD, excluding GST) per month – that’s about three coffees (a month) in any big city – you can be sure that your site is up-to-date at least on a weekly basis, and backed up at least once per month. How’s that for peace of mind? Explore the full range of packages available below, or get in touch with Scott Reynolds today for something more customised to fit your needs. Remember: this isn’t a big machine – this is personal and professional WordPress management. This does mean that sometimes you won’t get a response instantly (perhaps for time zone or sleep reasons), but you will get one, and it won’t be an automated email. Similarly, there isn’t a nice automatic “fix my site” button to be pressed – but backup restoration and other fixes will be completed by hand, when required and requested.

If you choose a management plan that does not include restoration from backup, fixing issues with plugin or WordPress updates that might affect your site, or the resolution of other or ad-hoc issues, Scott Reynolds will attempt to notify you of these problems as soon as possible, and outline a proposed plan for having these resolved. Additional costs may apply, but these will be detailed before any work begins.

WordPress Management Feature $15/month $35/month $50/month $80/month $150/month
WordPress Site Backups Monthly Weekly Daily 6 Hourly Hourly
WordPress/Plugin Updates Weekly Weekly Daily Daily Daily
Reporting Monthly Monthly Weekly Weekly Weekly
Site Security Check  Monthly Weekly Weekly Daily Daily
Uptime Monitoring Every 10 mins Every 5 mins Every 5 mins Every 1 min
Performance Benchmarking Weekly Weekly Daily
SEO Monitoring Weekly Weekly
Update Issue Resolution Work Up to 15 mins Up to an hour Up to an hour
Backup Restoration Work Up to an hour Up to an hour
Ad-Hoc Development Time Up to an hour

All prices are quoted as monthly costs, per site, in Australian Dollars, excluding GST as Scott Reynolds is not currently registered for GST. Local currency pricing may be available, if requested, however this cannot be guaranteed and will be dependent on the payment processor’s abilities. If you’re overseas, however, charging in Australian dollars probably means you’re getting an even better deal! There is no ongoing contract, and service can be cancelled at any time, however pro-rata refunds are not available at this time.

Want to get started and protect that WordPress installation? Get in touch with Scott Reynolds today, and let’s get the ball rolling. This process will be automated in the near future, but for now, there’s an even more personal element.

Let’s Get Going!

A few things to note:

You will need to provide Scott Reynolds either with your WordPress administration login details (or the details of an account setup specifically for him), or alternatively, install a plugin provided by Scott Reynolds which will allow for the required remote access to your installation. This is required to ensure that Scott Reynolds can update plugins and WordPress core files, and both manage and monitor your site as required. If you are not comfortable providing these details, perhaps a WordPress management solution isn’t the right option. Scott Reynolds will, of course, keep these details safe and secure, to the best of his ability, and notify you as soon as possible should there be any issues with this.

This is not a WordPress hosting service, and your ongoing hosting costs are not covered by this additional fee – this is simply a management service for keeping your site backed up, up-to-date and protected (as best possible). Updates to content or media is still your responsibility, unless an ongoing arrangement for content updates is agreed on with Scott Reynolds (separate to this cost above). Scott Reynolds does not guarantee that your site will be available 100% of the time, as there are factors out of his control. He does guarantee, however, that should an issue occur, it will be resolved as soon as is possible. If you choose a plan that only includes monthly backups, for example, Scott Reynolds cannot be held responsible for any changes in website data or content that occurs between each backup, and has not yet been included in the latest backup. If you change your content regularly, or need near-instantaneous backups, please choose a higher plan. The backups offered by Scott Reynolds do not include content that is unrelated to WordPress, the plugins and themes used on the site. Additional folders stored on your server, and that don’t form part of a standard WordPress installation, will not be included in this backup and therefore cannot be restored at a later date. If you need your entire web hosting account backed up (including potentially your emails), please speak directly with your host separately to this WordPress management agreement.

Some tools used to perform the management tasks here are provided by a third-party, and, as a result, the code running them cannot be guaranteed to be error-free or perfect in every way. There is no guarantee that the work completed here will be completely error-free and, as a result, Scott Reynolds can’t be liable to you or any third-party for damages, including lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages, even if you’ve advised Scott Reynolds of them. Finally, if any provision of this agreement shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.